Legalise E in some form in Northern Ireland

I don't know what my idea is so I will be vague about whether I want a pilot scheme, a medically supervised scheme, or a general legalisation or blind-eye to the commercial use of a drug.

The drug is MDMA and I know from personal experience that it enforces a kind of synthetic empathy and well-being. As one person told a TV program "it lets you experience the sort of person that you're not". I don't know a source to quote but anyone who has anything to do with raves where MDMA is taken will have noticed that the crowd seem just nice.

Why does this idea matter?

  • Northern Ireland has a uniquely bitter political culture.
  • The religious cultures which are separated are aso rather bitter. Some have turned a blind eye to disibility discrimination and the nuttier Christian Brothers or even child abuse. Others believe in an eternal hellfire after death for some sections of the community including themselves perhaps.
  • The economy of Northern Ireland is disproportionaltely public sector, with those unable to secure public sector jobs locked into a rather bitter relationship with those who do get a job for the arts quango or the job centre. This betterness is my problem. I pay for it. It is also a problem for those on the dole or out of the childrens home in that area who do not have a fair share of subsidy and sometimes appear on television rioting.
  • The illegal economy of Northern Ireland has a uniquely dangerous and murkey record, in which drug dealers get a lot less chance to deal than in the rest of the UK or Dublin. This might be a good thing in a way for heroin dealers but I suggest that dope dealers and MDMA dealers have something to offer the norhtern irish economy and culture.

    I suggest a vague unknown thing – an unreported truce on raves in northern ireland – or a pilot of a highly reported medically supervised use of MDMA. Or both. I don't know.

    I suggest to critics that although government supported scientists have linked MDMA to brain damage in squirrells, other scientists have disproved this evidence. It may still be true outside of the squirrell community and that's very important and worth investigating but the traditionally-quoted bit of evidence for MDMA being dangerous is dodgy. I

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