Gridlock and traffic delays especially on Dual Carriageways and Motorways is often the result of drivers obstinately sticking in the outside lane even though they have ample opportunity to pull back into the nearside lane where they should be..The result is often huge snaking lines of frustrated drivers wasting time and fuel.

If drivers were permitted to pass on the left, any perceived benefit of hogging the outside lane would be lost and those drivers that do would learn this and quickly move to the left.Current;ly frustrated drivers do this and risk prosecution while the cause of the problem escapes without censure…if passing on the left is considered unacceptable then it should be a specific offence to hog the outside lane(s) .The offence should be for anyone to have 2 or more vehicles immediately behind them to fail to pull over at the earliest safe opportunity.

Why is this idea important?

In order to preserve fuel, reduce delays and frustration to drivers on the UKs congested roads caused by the inconsiderate behaviour of drivers that refuse to make progress or to move out of the way of passing traffic

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