Duplicate the treatment of prostitutes that Australia and some other 1st world countries use by legalising prostitution and giving them screening for STIs, protecting them from pimps and drug dealers, and in return taxing their income.

Why is this idea important?

The effects of legalising prostitution are overwhelmingly positive. Far from leading to moral decay or other similar fears, the populace does not really notice this change. The positive results are: 1. Lower rates of STIs. 2. A major drop in drug abuse and the drug trade. 3. Less human trafficking and slavery (which is much stronger than people realise). 4. Less resources spent by the police on moving prostitutes on and rescuing prostitutes, allowing them to focus on more harmful offences. 5. Fewer killing sprees, since mass murderers typically target prostitutes due ot them being women who work alone in dimly-lit areas. 6. A big boost in tax revenue, provided that the tax on this trade isn't crazily high. 7. Fewer people in power being blackmailed and therefore less corruption in government, as blackmail is less effective when it is over a legal activity.

I believe that the time is right for this legislation to be considered because in a coalition government both sides can claim that to like or oppose this idea in order to protect themselves against the initial kneejerk opposition to this proposal. A vital factor in this is that the parliamentary votes should be done in secret, so that the MPs can vote for what works rather than be bullied by a handful of ignorant constiuents.

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