Prostitution should be classed as an occupation or straight profession as although there is a small proportion of women trafficked into prostitution, many women do it by choice and see it as a legitimate way to implement their existing skills to earn a living. Look at the Dutch model as prostitution is run by and regulated by local councils; they actually rent out properties to prostitutes and provide police protection and respectability in return for rents and taxes.

A properly regulated red-light district in all major towns and cities would prevent pimping and kerb-crawling which is admittedly a nuisance to residents in communities. With properly regulated prostitution and the provision of suitable premises for rent, girls would no longer have to work on the streets and be exposed to the risks of being robbed and assualted or even murdered by having to get in to strangers cars and driven to remote locations.       

Why is this idea important?

Women who work as prostitutes are no different to any other woman who works in a legal occupation and thus should be given the opportunity to enjoy the same benefits, health and safety and opportunity to pay tax.

All prostitutes should have to apply for a license and have regular STD and HIV checks and be able to prove to clients that they have had these checks. These checks should be carried out at approved medical centres for a nominal fee. This would raise extra funds for the NHS and prostitutes should be made to keep financial records for tax purposes as this is essentially a cash business.   

If prostitution was legalised, these women should be then able to enjoy police protection in the form of panic buttons in the premise thus no longer being at the mercy of pimps and violent clients.  

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