Snus is a tobacco product available in Sweden, where it has a long tradion of use, but it is not legal to sell it in th UK. Snus is proven to be a healthier option than smoking.

Why is this idea important?

As a smokeless tobacco product Swedish snus is a healthier option to smoking and whilst it can be used as an alternative way of enjoying tobacco it may also provide a route to giving up smoking cigarettes. Sales of snus should be made legal in the UK.

3 Replies to “Legalise Sale of Snus in the UK”

  1. I agree 100%. Snusing is between 90-98% better for you than smoking. How can Snus be banned and in some parts they are thinking of legalising MJ?

  2. There are statistical correlations between smoking and cancer proven back decades ago. To this date, there is still no evidence to support the same for snus. One Australian study tried to push forth the hypothesis of snus and pancreatic cancer, but their statistics and medical results proved no correlation after all.

    Banning snus in the UK and EU, but still allow cigarettes and tobacco is like forbidding red wine over moonshine!

    I feel ridiculed!

  3. I think they should legalise snus as soon as possible. Think the proof from Norway and Sweden should show that it can help a lot of people from smoking and could save the nhs thousands?! From strokes and heart attackā€™s etc.

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