I agree the draconian laws that this country has concerning Cannabis legalisation must change for the better and not make criminals out of ordinary people.I believe people should have the right to decide for themselves whether they use Cannabis or not ,and not be told you can't by people who ignore their own panel of experts who express opinions that Cannabis should be legalised in some way.

Please Please Please Mr Clegg,dont do it yet!.My son of 14 who was waiting on the kerb to cross the road was killed 2 years ago by a driver speeding whilst under the influence of cannabis,impaired to such an extent that the police doctor called to assess him after the "accident",and i use that word lightly,decided that he was unfit to be interviewed until the following morning.

In court the charge of driving whilst under the influence of drugs was dropped as the defence lawyer argued that as no limits are in force,as there are with driving with alcohol, concerning driving whilst unfit through the use of cannabis.Subsequently the scumbag who killed my son was sentenced to serve a prison sentence of 17 months.

Dont bow to pressure and legalise cannabis without proper research into its effects whilst driving and BEFORE YOU DO,PLEASE GIVE THE POLICE THE EQUIPMENT TO TEST THE DRIVER AT THE ROADSIDE ,to make a judgement as to whether the driver is unfit to drive if using drugs.

Why is this idea important?

Lives may be saved and people using cannabis who are obviously impaired whilst driving would be given the sentence they so richly deserve,as drivers with excess alcohol rightly are.

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