I believe that legalising cannabis can be very beneficial to the UK. I have no doubt the economy will boom if cannabis is legalised. Not only is it going to help cut down on crime but it will also increase the amount of new businesses. Legalising it will also ensure that it is monitored and people are not being ripped off or being given a false product.

Legalising cannabis will reduce crime rates were it may have been implicated before.

Legalising cannabis is necessary for health reasons. It has so many benefits to offer a patient in need such as someone with Autism, MS or even Epilepsy. I myself suffer from complex partial seizures. I have had more seizures triggered by alcohol than cannabis. I haven't drank alcohol in years and use cannabis as a way of relaxing and kicking back after a long day at work just like people would with a bottle of Pinot Grigio. The only negative thing about smoking cannabis is that I cannot enjoy it in peublic due to the social stigma. I am not a "druggy". I have not and never will use any other drug. I have never been violent or angry towards anyone while under the influence of cannabis unlike alcohol which can contribute to misconstruing a situation.

I know quite a lot of people that smoke cannabis and the majority of them say they would pay a tax on it if it was legalised.

Give it a trial…….people are asking for it……..will our government listen?

Why is this idea important?

My idea is important because society is becoming increasingly frustrated, not just with the coalition but politicians in general. None of them seem to putting in action what the public is asking for. Since the coalition began, I cannot recall an issue that has been put into action even though society has been asked to tell the Governement what we think!

At the moment its all about cuts cuts cuts……………. How about we take a new, positive approach and instead of cuts…. lets create. Create new jobs, create new laws, create new ways to boost economy and make society happy. Legalising Cannabis can do this. If it fails after a trial period, what harm will be done?

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