Euthanasia would be a system open to a lot of abuse and snap decisions that people might regret later.  Perhaps a good way to go forward may be to look at legalising it  in the same way as withdrawing feeding from patients in PVS is legalised. 

Every case has to go before a judge based on its own merrit.  This way each person would have the right to present their case, this would take time so it couldn't be a snap decision and it also means that the true motives behind the desire would come to light.

This would enable physically disabled people to have the same human right to life and death as any other individual.  It also means that many people wouldn't suffer needlessly as is the case today.

I do have personal experience with this issue as a close member of my family died of MND.

Why is this idea important?

-It enables equal human rights

-It prevents snap decisions 

-It prevents the abuse that the law would be open to

-It means people can die when they choose, in the company of whom they choose

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