My idea is the full legalization of Cannabis as a recreational and medicinal drug. First lets address the problems with prohabition, to do this we need to think about the aims of prohabition 1. To decrease Cannabis use 2. To decrease the amount of Cannabis going around. In both these instances prohabition has 100% failed and its not going to start working anytime soon either. Also Cannabis is a largly harmless drug at least less harmful than Alcohol and Tobacco for instance you no one has ever died from it, it has never been proven to harm your lungs no more than any other heated plant matter, it is not carcinogenic its actually cancer preventing, it only brings out mental illness like schitzophrenia in people who already had a predisposed risk of it, it is not addictive and it doesn't kill brain cells as some would like u to believe. Cannabis also has many medicinal uses for illness like Cancer(it relieves the pain caused by cheamotheropy) MS, Arthiritis, Insominia, eating disorders( as it stimulates the appetite) and many more. Millions of pounds are wasted a year in the war on Cannabis, money that could be spent on things like the NHS and education. Also people who say Cannabis is a gateway drug are wrong as the only reason for this is because its illeagal you need to go through drug dealers.I say we legalize marijuana and tax it and pump all the money back into health care and education.

Why is this idea important?

My idea is important because there is no logical reason for cannabis being illeagal and the fact that we are imprisoning people over it is disgusting.

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