I voted for Mr Clegg and the Liberal Democrats, in part due to their policy on legalizing cannabis.  We can drink alcohol which is proven to be damaging, with no restrictions whatsover if we are not driving, yet as informed adults we have been oppressed and refused acknowledgment on this issue which is important to hundreds of thousands, if not millions of UK citizens. 

During the election campaign, the Lib Dem manifesto clearly set out the idea that to cultivate cannabis and pass it around consenting adults should be de-criminalised.  This is their pledge, that is why I ticked their box.  If the coalition government is to work succesfully, compromise must be in evidence of course, however key policies which sway voters should be examined very carefully so as not to lose credibility with the electorate.

The taxation and employment generated by adopting this policy will go a long way to assisting the much needed recovery, growers, sellers, retail outlets will all generate a fair income for the chancellor while at the same time driving the criminal gangs out of business in this area.

Many cannabis users are law abiding citizens from all walks of life, Mr Clegg himself has all but admitted using recreational drugs in the past, I know personally a doctor and a civil judge who regularly enjoy a social smoke.  We are not criminls, we are affecting no one else with our pastime.  The nanny state shoul be eroded and freedom of choice through informed debate should be encouraged.

Why is this idea important?

The Lib Dem manifesto promised this law would be revoked.  Some voters, I myself a previous 15 year labour voter, chose the Lib Dems, in part to this pledge.  It is important for the party to remain loyal to the electorate who put them in power and deliver the promises and pledges they set out in black and white during the election campaign.

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