Thousands and thousands of people die everyday due to tobbacco related illnesses, billions is spent in hospitals to repair the damage done by alcohol. But for some reason cannabis remains illegal even though there has NEVER been a recorded fatality due to it. I personally think that the government has no reason what so ever for the criminalsation of cananabis to deny adults the right to do what they wish with their own body is a violation of the human rights act, people are allowed to decided whether to kill themselves by smoking therefor they should be allowed to make their own choices regarding cannabis. I am not suggesting the legalization of supply & distribution, I am simply suggesting that people should be given their own choice to do what they want.

There is no realistic reason for this out-dated law apart from the fact that the government has some unknown problem with it (even though i find it extremely hard to believe that no one in parliament is a cannabis user).

I'm quite sure that none of this will be taken into account and nothing will be done to change the laws but i would just like to point out how stupid your laws & the (lack) of reasons behind them are.

Why is this idea important?

Because everyday day police waste hours of time that could be spent tackling real crimes on petty cannabis related crimes. Not only that there is thousands of pounds to be made in the taxing of cannabis rather than letting the criminals make all the money. The only negative points about cannabis in this day & age are the toxins & chemicals being used by the people who sell it to increase the weight of their product, sometimes using fibre glass or actual glass, however if the goverment were to legalize it they could control the strength of the strains that are available and make sure all the cannabis in the country is clean.

The main point I am trying to make is that the governments problems with cannabis seem to have no just foundations what so ever as the only problems are the people who are selling it and that could be sorted simply by legalizing possesion and setting up government controlled growing facilities, these would quite easily pay for themselves using the money made from the sale of cannabis.

You've got yourself into this financial mess, you're looking for money from anywhere cutting the most ridiculous things. Why not make some money off another taxable drug, you have no problems making ridiculous amounts of money off taxing cigarettes which are litterally death in a packet.

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