Legalize all recreational drugs for the sake of civil liberty and to profit through tax. Drugs are done to such an extent (even with prohibition) it makes no sense not to profit off them. Psychedelic and non-addictive drugs are not harmful to the individual when taken responsibly and are so widely used that they are part of pop culture and have been for 50 years, even when prohibited. Addictive drugs that do harm to individual are criminal gold mines, and the money lost through treating these addictions is nothing compared to money saved on police work regarding drugs. Obviously strict laws would have to be enforced to prevent minors obtaining drugs easily but they would be more effective as there is no age restriction for drug purchase on the street.

Why is this idea important?

In this economic climate the government must realize what a waste of money prohibition is. The money spent on trying to take down drug lords and remove drugs from circulation is ridiculous when considered the potential benefit from legalization and taxation and the money saved from police work regarding drug use. Not only will this save money it would reduce crime significantly, as obviously drug use would not be a criminal offense. Also illegal drugs are the gateways to crime: youths take drugs, then sell them and then get associated with criminal gangs. Drug dealing is often an easy way to make money as opposed to getting a regular job. Drug prohibition have negative effect on the economy and crime and the government must realize that forcing people not to do drugs is like forcing people not have sex. They will do it anyway.

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