PLEASE use your incredible resource at the ACMD and give us some fair, science-based drugs policies. At the moment, I have no trust in a government that can be so backwards about this HUGE issue.

FYI – I do not take any illegal drugs but illogicity drives me ruddy crazy… especially when its in our legal system (!)

Why is this idea important?


PLEASE stop pretending to be using Professor David Nutt's scale of drug harm. (
I recently heard that you were keeping Cannabis as a Class C drug because this is what the ACMD recommend.

The ACMD's studies also show that alcohol is one of the most harmful drugs available today. Yet it is LEGAL. It also suggests that ecstasy is the least harmful drug available….yet it remains a Class A drug.



To summarize, legalizing safer drugs like cannabis and ecstasy will….

  • Reduce the availability of these drugs to children (ie. like alcohol currently)
  • Provide billions of pounds of tax revenue to help pay off our ridiculous deficit
  • STOP paying criminals' wages and funding further crime
  • Provide new jobs
  • Reduce alcohol deaths
  • Improve the purity and eventual safety of these substances
  • Eliminate the 'gateway' theory. You are forcing people to visit drug dealers who are more likely to offer harmful drugs to customers who initially purchased harmless substances
  • Reduce the money spent imprisoning people
  • STOP creating criminals out of generally good people who like to consume or sell controlled substances. Their lives are being more destroyed by a criminal record more than any drug possibly could, thus forcing them into real criminal acts
  • Prove to our country that you are willing to listen to science rather than react to a media-created public frenzy.

Please remember – YOU are here to decide what is best for us by using your best resources. The public are NOT scientists. 

One quick hilarious ditty before I sign off… One argument I have heard from government against the legalization is that cannabis can lead people to smoke cigarettes (which are extremely harmful)….. Have you ever heard something so ridiculous? We won't legalize this relatively harmless drug as it may encourage people to smoke this deadly legal drug?… Please sort out this absolute mess.

I feel it important to add that I DO NOT take illegal drugs but I feel that a government who is willing to make sensible decisions like legalizing harmless drugs will use their brain when making other important decisions.


To finish – Criminalizing these substances has done NOTHING to make us safer. Please let's try a new approach.


Thanks for your time.

Kind regards,

Dave Chamberlain

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