Thank you for this opportunity before anything else.
Legalize it is the only solution because at the moment the wrong people is profiting from it, so called people that sells cannabis full of glass particles, witch can be very dangerous, so called people that sells and makes cannabis resin full of chemicals, and they become less and less visible to the eye but they there.
Buy not regulating it you making a lot of people hill including children that are smoking the cheapest kind of cannabis available
How would we regulate cannabis:
-6 plants per household as you know you can't stop people from growing it in their homes but would stop the thieves robbing hour electric
-licenses for coffee shop plantations, and make it so that they can only grow up to 10% tch cannabis and disincentive the use of concentrates.
-medical cannabis licenses for plantations, which would allow to grow any kind of cannabis for medical use with prescription and exportation for medical use.

Why is this idea important?

Cannabis is an inoffensive plant, and is like everything else if you abuses it will abuse you. You can`t overdose on cannabis is less dangerous than alcohol socially and fiscally, because when you smoke a joint for sure you wont fell like fighting, but on the other hand if you drink alcoholthen you can become abusive and die from drinking related problems.

At the moment people is buying cannabis from dirty drug dealers, people that they wouldn't`t like to relate with.
Another point is if cannabis smokers are paranoid in general why do you treat them like criminals, then they will be paranoid fore sure, insted of using their creative powr for good

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