Psychedelic and Entheogens should be legalized, since they who do not have the right to experiment with their own consciousness, are being stripped away of their rights at the most basic essential level.

Psychedelics (meaning "mind manifesting), and Entheogens (meaning "invoking the God within")

Psychedelics and Entheogens are referring only to natural substances that are found in nature, UNLIKE man-made artificially synthesized chemicals such Cocaine, Meth, Alcohol, etc.

Psychedelics to be legalized (to name a few): LSD, Psilocybin, Mescaline, Ibogaine

Why is this idea important?

If you have the slightest doubt about the decision to be made on this issue, then I’m 200% convinced that you have never experienced these divine substances, and the divine state they invoke. If these substances had already been legalized, then I know for a FACT that this world would be so much more of a beautiful, loving, and peaceful place. Experimenting with one's own consciousness is the most basic human right!

There have been countless scientific studies, regarding therapeutic uses of psychedelics such as LSD, Magic Mushrooms, Peyote, and IBOGAINE, to name a few. Lifelong alcoholics, cocaine/meth addicts, are cured within a matter of days; and this cure/change is permanent. No other pharmaceuticals have even come close to competing with these substances in their therapeutic uses, especially Ibogaine. They have the highest success rate for cures, yet recorded. And despite all this, it’s so saddening to see that our most basic human rights are being taken away from us, without any scientific data backing up the false claim.

Do you really think that alcohol and tobacco, which kill hundreds of thousands of people every year should remain legal, while psychedelics, such as marijuana with no reported deaths so far, and Ibogaine/mushrooms/LSD/mescaline with countless therapeutic uses remains illegal? This is the most absurd decision that only someone mentally imbalanced would make.

Our ancestors have been using these substances for thousands of years (since the dawn of man actually) with no ill effects, and yet they remain illegal. Our current society is being brainwashed with wrong views about these substances, and the makers of the law are themselves brainwashed as well due to centuries of false information. The truth is that, just like Terence McKenna pointed out, psychedelics give people "funny ideas," which cause them to question authority, just like it is being done right now. These "funny ideas" are perceived as a threat to the established authorities who wish to maintain a "patriarchy-oriented dominator" culture. 1960's Hippie movement triggered by LSD is proof of this.

These substances go infinitely deeper than just "funny ideas" however. They show the individual his/her own divinity and the god that lies within the heart of every being, and non-being. It brings the individual to higher state of understanding (nirvana) through which the true nature of all things can be seen, which is Oneness. When this Oneness is seen, the idea of separation withers away, and the individual cares more about the world, Mother Earth, and its people than his/her own self. This is why these individuals question authority and want these substances legalized for the sake of humanity, so that peace and love may prevail.

So please consider this VERY VERY carefully, as your decision will be shaping our future. The current state of humanity, entranced in an ego-centric viewpoint, is on the verge of killing itself and the beauty of the world; this MUST be changed, and Psychedelics are THE BEST option available for this transformation. If you don’t believe me, then please do yourself a favor my friend, and try a Psychedelic…please I beg you.

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