In the UK we throw away 8 millions tonnes of food a year just from households.  This is £12 billion retail value equivelent, more than the entire Department of Transports Budget!!!

This also costs councils and therefore council tax payers another £1 billion per annum to landfill or treat all this food waste!

Its a complex area, but one reason is because people just buy to much when they are shopping in a hurry and never get round to eating it, this is exacerbated by BOGOF offers which make you get twice as much as you really needed. 

In New Zealand a private members bill – the waste minimisation act – requires amongst other things that supermarkets doing BOGOF to offer you a single unit for 50% of the price.  This is a simple measure which combined with public education and awareness of cooking, shopping, storage and home composting could help save the UK billions of pounds and make us leaner, greener, meaner and better off

Why is this idea important?

less waste to landfill

less cost for shopping bills

less obesity

lower council tax

less CO2 emissions

popular with the public

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