This should be standardised and regulated. There is NO reason for the police force to keep the data of innocents for longer than is necessary. Innocent peiople's data should be kept for a (short) set period to eliminate them from enquiries and then securely destroyed.

Also, Offender's data should be destroyed after a  longer period. Example: If a man is convicted of a single case of joyriding when he is 18, should his data shtill be on the police database when he is 45? He clearly made a mistake in his life, and should not have his personal data kept beyond what could be described as a reasonable period. If he stole 1 car, and hasn't re-offended for 10 years (3,650 days. Three and a half THOUSAND days crime-free), one can probably safely assume he's not going to.


I propose:

3-6 months max retention for innocent's DNA data to be stored

10 years for a criminal's data to be stored before beging destroyed PROVIDING they have remained crime-free. If they continue to commit crime, the 10 year rule gets re-applied after every new conviction.

Example: If a man commits a knife crime,  his DNA gets taken. 2 years later he commits another crime – theft. His DNA already exists on the database, it HAD 8 years left before deletion. After the new crime is added to his record, the DNA now has a 10 year lifespan again. NOT 18 YEARS. Data should not be stored for more than 10 years.

However, the data "Lifespan" should begin AFTER a convict's release from prison (if a prison term is issued). There's no point putting a murderer in prison for 15 years, and deleting his data after the first 10 years of his sentence. That would defeat the object of the database.

Why is this idea important?

Currently, arguably, the Poloce DNA Database breaks the Data Protection Act, in that it stored data of innocents for no purpose, and it cannot be deleted when requested. The arguement above demonstrates why innocent's data is not required if they have proved they're no longer going to damage the society they live in. Give people their freedom back!

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