As our politicians and the media tell us that there are problems with overcrowding in prisons, more creative sentences are seemingly needed, so laws sould be amended as such.

I have a couple of ideas for one or two more creative sentences.

A drunken hooligan who starts a fight in a pub for example could be put into a boxing ring with Amir Khan, or some other professional boxer.  Or they could be made to live their lives for a week in drag, walking around, going to and from work, etc…

A person guilty of sexually harrassing someone could be put into a cage naked on their local high street for a day for people to point and laugh at.

Just a couple of examples, I think these 2 sentences would put some people off committing such crimes.

Why is this idea important?

This is important, as the element of fear of committing a crime doesn't seem to be there with some people.

Therefore I feel especially in the above instances, more creative sentences are needed to perhaps humiliate such offenders in public.

They won't do that again!  And the sentences would make them think twice about doing those things in the first place!

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