Take the ideas of Ivan Illich's "Deschooling Society" and John Gatto's "Dumbing Us Down" and put them in to practice.

In brief: move to a learning web interest led form of education (e-learning) while allowing young adults to become a part of society with experienced and skilled real-world guidance. Stop aspiring to a technocratic meritocracy and aspire to learning something useful. That's to say achievement should be personal rather than always being measured against your peers.

Why is this idea important?

(1) An alternative to institutionalized schooling must aspire to achieve a more efficient delivery of education. How is the current educational system relevant today given that it is based on a system devised 200 years ago when information was scarce?

(2) Apprenticeships teach skills worthy of learning

(3) don't waste endless years in school

(4) By-pass the social issues caused by forcing together large groups of same-age children into artificial peer groups against their will.

(5) Any system claiming to be fair and meritocratic is a technocratic con trick run by vested-interest "experts".

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