Is it any business of the state how hot I like my bath water? Apparently yes! The last government forced through, without any publicity or consultation with the general public, a regulation making it a criminal offence to have a bath hotter than 48 degrees. How many people knew that? Since 6th April it has been illegal for anyone to sell or supply a bath or bath taps that would supply water hotter than a temperature decided by a government minister! At a stroke having separate 'hot' and 'cold' taps on new baths has been made a crime. If I want my bath hotter than the government thinks is adequate I'm not allowed one – 'government knows what's best for you'. Unbelievable! Can't we even be trusted to run a bath now without nanny state looking over our shoulder and lecturing us? "Elf 'n' Safety" was blamed, as usual – the justification apparently was that someone might drop a baby in a hot bath. Can't anyone be empowered to bathe their own children any longer without state supervision??? Ridiculous, this absurd law should be repealed.

The law was brought in by an obscure amendment to Part G of the Building Regulations and came into effect on 6 April 2010 requiring all baths to have thermostatic mixing valves [TMV] restricting bath water to a temperature decided in Whitehall.

Why is this idea important?

The state has no business deciding the temperature of my bath water. Abolishing this absurd law would be a small but necessary step on the road back to freedom.

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