Let Michael Mansfield QC help the coalition government overhaul the criminal justice system. He has written books on it, has lived and breathed it for years and is possibly the only barrister I know who has the guts and intelligence to instigate effective changes; changes that make sense too – a rare phenomenon indeed.

If the government is serious about listening then get it straight from the horses mouth. No one is more better qualified to deal with the problems within the system than him.

Why does this idea matter?

Michael Mansfield is a barrister with years of experience defending those who have been wrongly convicted. He has taken cases others have shied from because of the controversy they caused. Unafraid to speak his mind – he is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stuffy archaic system that fails it citizens more often than not. In a disenchanted age we need a radical approach – who better than the icon himself.

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