There are times when, I'm sure, we all feel a little unsafe or scared on the streets so when we are at home, we should feel completely safe and secure with the law on our side but the current system by which anyone breaking into a house has more rights than the home owner is completely backward and needs to be changed.  The Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008 goes part of the way to redress the balance but not far enough.

I fully accept that we can't lie in wait to attack anyone entering our property but homewowners should be allowed to use more than "reasonable force" to repel intruders. Why should I have to wait for an intruder to assault me before I assault him back?  I don't accept the general USA model where intruders can be shot but I do like the concept of "if you break into a house, you have no rights and have to accept the consequences", including getting hit with the cricket bat I keep by the bed  Similarly, if a burglar injures himself inside my house by slipping on loose carpet, or falls in a hole I hve dug in the garden, he should have no rights at all and should not be able to sue me for injury.

Why is this idea important?

We should feel safe in our homes, and this will become more relevant as the credit squeeze hits and some people look for easy ways to get money, which they will.

Make my home a "castle" again

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