If you own a piece of land you are not allowed to build a comfortable house to your own design. Government rules effectively forbid you from making the rooms large enough to be comfortable. You probably cannot build just one house either because Minimum Density Regulations mean the land only gets planning consent if it is split into two or more. And no way will you be allowed as much parking as you want. Two adults and two teens who will soon be working 20 miles away – no the PolitiKal Kommisars in most areas order a maximum of 1 parking space per household (often less, 0.8 for flats) in order to force people onto public transport. Which is fine except late at night, early in the morning, on Bank Holidays, if providing any kind of emergency response, or simply if one has back pain and cannot use badly driven busses.

Do not impose maximum standards on property owners that they cannot exceed.

Why is this idea important?

Building regulations should exist to ensure safety and minimum standards for occupants, not to impose an upper limit.

Social housing is useful but should not be a consideration when building individual houses and can be achieed other ways.

Likewise cutting traffic and fuel use is important, but can be achieved other ways.

"An Englishman's home is his castle" – if it is safe and does not affect the neighbours he should not be forced to downgrade it.

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