Our neighbourhood has an Infant school abd a Junior school either side of one same road. They bear the same name, the same colours, andchildren from the Infant School invaraibly progress to the Junior School. However they are 2 disctinct schools eahc with their budget.

The head teacher in the Infant School is about to retire and we've been told that the schools are going to federate: they'll share a head and a governing body, however they'll remain 2 distinct schools.

Parents involved in the consultation asked why they couldn't just become one school. If the naswers they got are to be believed this is only because the process of merging the 2 schools would involve closing them and re-opening a new school to which all staff should reapply in order to get (or not) their job back.

If this is true I understand why nobody's willing to make that jump yet; but then, why has it got to be so? It makes so much sense that these 2 schools should be one, why should it be so complicated to achieve?

Why is this idea important?

Rather than trying to introduce various status (foundation, specialist, academies, free schools, etc.) for schools in order to imporve standards, it could sometimes be easier to work with the school that exists.

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