Drivers especially should have the right to decide not to wear one as the webbing restricts movement, makes it harder to turn the head to look behind, slows down escape in the event of a fire and can distract a driver by making it more difficult to access his pockets for example. Give adults the freedom to decide.


It is ludicrous that adults are prevented from buying more than one box or packet of some over-the-counter drugs. Does an adult really need to be prevented by law from buying a month's supply of headache tablets? If the nanny state is concerned about the possibility of an accidental or intentional overdose, why is it legal to buy a kitchen knife? If the state is trying to prevent addiction, why can we buy more than one packet of cigarettes, or chocolate, or alcohol? But the silliest part of such Big Brother regulations is that they are very easily circumvented by visiting two different pharmacies in succession. Give adults the freedom to be responsible for their own preservation.



It is wrong to ban any specific use of water, whatever the environmental reason. By all means, restrict the total volume of water that any household can use – but then leave citizens to decide how they want to use their allotted volume. If they want to use a hosepipe to water their vegetables instead of taking a bath, let them decide. The problem is that the water companies have a statutory obligation to deliver water for domestic, ie indoor, use but no statutory obligation to deliver water for outside use. So the only restriction they can currently impose is on the poor, much-maligned hosepipe. The key here is to change the water companies' statutory obligations. Give people the freedom to use their water however they choose.


If people want to end their life, let them. No legislation will succeed in stopping them anyway.


If I want to hire a cleaning *lady*, let me. If I don't wan't to hire a newlywed woman because I fear she may fall pregnant and take months off work, let me choose not.

Why is this idea important?

We are coming a nanny state. Many of these "for your own good" regulations remove an adult's basic freedom to decide what is or is not good for him. They restrict the majority in the state's belief that the minority does not have the intelligence to know what might harm it. Many of these laws are anyway unenforceable. The state should not attempt to weigh up the risks for individuals: that is the individual's responsibility.

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