I understand that this subject invokes a great deal of emotion in people, and that most of us will have particularly strong views either way. That said, I have always believed that a referendum has been consistently blocked by the Government because the outcome will be a resounding, "Yes, bring it back!!" A public debate on this issue followed by a referendum is really the only way that this matter can be resolved.

I have never understood why we allow certain criminals to live. The lockerbie bomber for example. He killed  243 passengers and 16 crew members. Allowing individuals like this to live is a national disgrace nevermind letting him go!). When we have cases of parents allowing their children to starve to death only to receive a 7 year sentence then something needs to be done. What kind of country have we become? There is little point in going through every reason as to why we should bring it back, that's the whole point of a public debate followed by a referendum.

Why is this idea important?

This really is a matter of personal conscience. Day in, day out I see pathetically week sentences for dangerous criminals. This is then followed by public outrage, but then nothing ever happens. We just wait until the next murder/abduction etc etc and look aghast at the pitiful sentencing handed down. This is a matter of extreme national importance. The public should be given an opportunity to make their feelings known. After all, as soon as this site went live the most popular post regarded the re-introduction of the death penalty. Whether you’re for or against it is irrelevant. If you support democracy and majority rule then you must support a referendum.

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  1. It is time that the death penalty for some crimes was debated. Prison as a reform institution has failed miserably over the years with many violent offenders being released to commit further atrocities. The death penalty needs to be debated as does the topic, ‘Does prison in its present form work?’

  2. Having been on a jury where 2 of the jurors were so pathetic they tries to anticipate what sentence the judge would give despite the remainder of us saying we only had to say innocent or guilty I have reservations on the jury system but believe a start should be made on multimurderers and those with a history of violence being executed.

    It is also totally unfair on prison officers and, later when they are released, on society and witnesses and pose yet more threats.

    Remember, this category of released prisoners has a totally disproportionate record of committing yet more violence and murder

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