How about reforming Housing Benefit so that people with life long health conditions can actually buy a house and pay a mortgage with the Housing Benefit money rather than stay in rented accommodation forever as the current system seems to allow!   Which is more expensive!!  I have worked it out over 20 years and the figures are shocking; the difference could purchase another small flat outright.  So once the mortgage is paid off, housing benefit stops, or an innovative scheme whereby local authorities and NHS Trust jointly buy properties by way of an arms length organisation through a PFI for long term claimants who buy the property off the arms length organisation over 20/25 years, with their Housing Benefit, once the property is paid for, the Housing Benefit stops, unless circumstances change, although they are most likely to change circumstances mid term, in which case a swap is made possible, like a single person getting married and having children and requires a larger home.

Why is this idea important?

It will save HM Government millions over 20/25 years and re-invigorate the economy and housing market with more first time buyers buying smaller properties and creating demand in the ecomomy for housing once again and could help to stop a new recession occurring.

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