Why is it that, when you let out your property to Letwise ie City Council, all prevlance is given to the tennant instead of the Landlord who after all is letting out their property to tennants that might never have had the chance to move to a lovely area, or would never have got the chance to live in a beautiful house with a garden, and a chance for their kids to go to a good school. Instead Letwise and the City Council with the help of Labour who gave tennants the right to pay rent to the landlords bank account, Also if the house is not up to standard then the tennant can inform Environmental Health about the standard of the property, even though the tennant might have caused damage. Then the landlord is told by Letwise that there is £500.00 bond that can be claimed after the tennant leaves the property. What good is that for the Landlord, even if  the Lanlord tries to evict the tennant after damaging the property it will still take 2 months, and even if they dont leave you might still need to go to court. Please change this bombastic law made by Labour and give Landlords the right to have some control of their homes.

Why is this idea important?

There are a lot of vulnerable people who for what ever reason, usualy the recession caused by labour,  have had  to let out their property and the only way would be through letwise City Council.

When a bad tennant comes along and just recks the property with now care for anyone, then calls Environmental Health, which then causes the Landlord to pay damages they might never have done. It is just unfair and inhumane.

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