Currently there is no financial help for disabled children within private rented homes. The LHA states that children regardless of disability have to share with their siblings if under the age of 10. My child has complex and severe learning disabilities and sharing a room with his younger sibling could be fatal due to the none understanding the world around him. I strongly feel that this needs to be looked into as a matter of urgency due to the high risk element.

Local OT could assess disabled children's needs and award an extra bedroom where needed after assessment. This would help disabled children and their families find more affordable accommodation rather than being forced to pay out the extra for the extra room or even more worrying forcing children with learning disabilities to share.

Why is this idea important?



  1. It’s not just learning difficulties. Many children, like one of mine, have disabilities which make it unsafe or impractical to share a bedroom with a brother or sister. There are thousands of people in this situation and if you have more than 2 children, it can be a huge problem. In my case, there are two disabled people in the household, both of which need bedrooms of their own. The eldest is over 14 and the youngest is only 4. The youngest can’t share a bedroom where there is potentially dangerous equipment. These changes are potentially putting children in harms way. They are ill-considered and do not meet the requirements of thousands of people across the UK.

  2. and when applying for discretionary housing allowance disabled childrens DLA is now taken as income so they effectivly have to contribute to the rent

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