Simplify the The Road Vehicles (Display of Registration Marks) Regulations 2001 rules on the appearance of vehicle license plates.

Point one:

Cars registered after Sept 2001 need their icense plates to be marked with a tiny  British Standard number.   This has forced many car owners to obtain new license plates when their existing ones are perfectly readable.  Vast amounts of paperwork has been generated having MOT stations incorporate this check in addition to rules on fonts, colours and sizes.  Cars before 2001 can omit the marking and use the old rules, which seemed to work fine.  If this was an essential law, all cars would be required to comply, not just those after 2001.   It is costing money to replace perfectly good plates some people chose to use before the law came into force and also costs money to keep checking cars annually.  This is pendantism.

Point two:

Retroreflective white-on-black registration plates should not be illegal.  They are used happily in overseas territories of the UK including Gibraltar, Jersey, etc…  They are no harder to read than black-on-white or black-on-yellow plates and look wonderfully British.  People should be given this option which looks excellent on a number of car colours and models.  The auto industry could do with this marketing boost.  The military use black and white plates extensively and manage to read them in difficult conditions in war zones   Existing enforcement cameras work on pre-1973 cars with black and white plates.  If it were an essential law all pre-1973 cars would have been made to change to yellow-on-black.



Why is this idea important?

Money is being wasted verifying vehicles meet the complex regulations. 

It would make many people happier.

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