A few years ago, the Liberal's advocated a couple of pence on taxation to pay for council tax, which seems a fairer way of collecting the dreaded council tax. It would stop certain councils from trying to play political games with the electorate about how much they need to raise for services within the towns and cities.

It would be much fairer to put a few pence on these taxes, and if these taxes are either through putting taxation on items that we either buy or income tax, it wouldn't be such a shock each year when the councils seem to delight in giving you ever increasing bills.

It won't be that people do not want to pay Council Tax, it will the the point that the Council Tax is going up so much that people on low incomes cannot afford to pay it. This in its turn will lead to more hardship because it will be that people's homes will be under threat, this leads to more resources being needed for making a low income person or family homeless.

Also it cuts down the number of officials needed to bring all the taxation, NI and council tax. together. Really it is abit sadistic to keep coming at a person for more and more tax, just take out the slice you need and let people at least have some spending money for working.

Why is this idea important?

Cuts down on red tape.

fairer on everyone

Stops the councils and the government playing political ping pong. Instead of councillors getting the money, the money can be directly given to essential front line services, instead of holding the people hostage, on how much the council tax has to go up to each year.

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