The 24 hour licencing laws sneaked through severe restrictions on any live performances on the pretext of  prevention of disorder. These had no justification, and there is no evindence that the "two in a bar" exemption it removed had ever caused a single incident. The new law has affected almost all of the places where a new artist can perform, cutting away the roots of music in this country. The last people to introduce such draconian erstrictions on music were the Puritans. One example of the stupidity of the law – Morris dance is exempt (OK, as I support this pastime) but only as long as people are dancing – the musicians cannot play or sing while no-one is dancing! Circuses have been cancelled because a temporary licence must be obtained well in advance, which only covers 3 days, and in places, councils have had to issue licences to themselves covering the whole town in order to hold a festival. Schools have also cancelled events becasuse the temporary licence is only valid for 3 days. A locked piano in a pub corner counts as entertainment and requires a licence – what about a penny whistle sitting on a shelf? Music shops have been hassled for demonstrating instruments to customers. There is no evidence that any of this red tape has done anything except hinder or prevent entertainment. We need to end this madness.

Why is this idea important?

To enable people to sing and to play music,and allow others to enjoy it, without applying for a licence 6 weeeks in advance.

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