Public houses could be allowed to apply for a smoking licence – for a fee. The licence to be granted subject to the provision of a separate, enclosed smoking area serviced by air conditioners/washers. Standards for the performance of the air con/washers would be set (in a similiar fashion to car emissions ratings) and any failure to meet the required level would result in a hefty fine and possible loss of licence.

Staff for the area are either to be smokers or non-smokers, who are not bothered by smoking.  These staff would be required to sign a voluntary statement to the effect that they are prepared to work in the licenced areas, so long as the air purity meets requiements.

No smoking to be allowed in 'no smoking' areas and dining areas.

Why is this idea important?

Result = failed or failing locals pubs that create business and are important to communities could be revived: fee money, possible fines money made available to local/national governemnt: job creation for air con installers and maintainers and ancilliary businesses such as builders: real choice for customers and smokers (who may not be the healthiest to start with) will not have to stand out in all weathers thereby increasing health risks in addition to smoking.

The Health and Safety lot could police the air quality/equipment, thereby utilising existing resources and possibly creating some jobs.

The nanny state approach could relax a bit and present a less hypocritical face. We all know that smoking will never be eradicated nor made a criminal offence – as the tobacco industry has a powerful lobby. The revenue gained from the smoker is also a useful factor that is relied upon as a continuing source, due to the addictive nature of the vice.

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