Whilst the Act (and practice) is on the whole better than the previous system, there are some unneccessary hoops within the current system. For example – when applying for a new premises licence the overlong form has to be copied umpteen different times to different departments within the council and to other interested bodies- a complete waste of paper and increase of storage costs all round. It also builds in a beauracracy – creates a need for different departments.  Why cant the forms be submitted electronically to the licensing unit – they then liaise with other departments as necessary and the application viewed by all the necessary departments online?

The premises form could be much reduced. The need to set out how you satisfy the licensing objectives just creates a template mentality – this could be filled in at an interview with the licencing unit who can assess the applicant at the same time – and act as a gate keeper.

Why is this idea important?

reduces cost and waste.

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