I’m not sure what was hoped to be achieved by these more recent music licensing laws but I do know the effect it has had on the small amateur musical band I play in. We no longer are able to sing and play at our local old folk’s homes and similar venues. Everyone got lots of enjoyment from our visits and it was for the love of music not money. Surely that’s what making music should be about. We no longer have anywhere to play without breaking the law and I feel it is an infringement on our freedom of expression.
The final nail went in the coffin, when I found out that the children from the local school won’t be making their annual visit to sing carols at the library Christmas coffee morning due to the music licensing laws. The young are unfortunately not exempt.
Youngsters love music and being free to play and sing in bands etc. It’s what made the 60’s come alive and be remembered as good times. Not so now, hey! It’s probably more a kin to Cromwell’s puritan times.
Change the music licensing laws so that everyone can enjoy playing and listening to live music!

Why is this idea important?

Music, song and dance helped people get through two world wars.
Music lifts the spirits, sooths and bonds, entertains and brings communities together, helps depression and, hopefully, could help pull us out of recession. Remember, nothing seems quite so bad when you’re happy!

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