Ban anyone caught speeding for life.

Why is this idea important?

Speeding fines don't work. People caught speeding are taking a deliberate action and knowingly breaking the law.

In the 21st century speed limiters linked to sat-nav information should be fitted as standard on every car. The lifetime ban would ensure that the law was adhered to.

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One Reply to “Lifetime ban for speeding motorists”

  1. modern cars stop faster and go faster so why do we let them make them faster than the 70 miles an hour speed limit so whoes to blame the car manufacturer or the goverment who make money from speeding fines could this be the reason why the goverment dont do owt about this. just like cigs and drink the problem is the money the taxes make for the goverment you can stop cars speeding just talk with the manufacturer but there you go more taxes would be lost there again there is no point in this cos what ever you say it wont happen its the goverment tax machine that stops it from happening

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