Remove the  absurd  local government laws in England and Wales  that state you must have planning permission to erect a fence in your garden over 3 ft high if it is adjacent to a highway. It is a ridiculous rule and thousands of homeowners that have gardens on the sides of their house cannot erect a fence to make their garden secure unless they pay for costly planning permission first. In many circustances the planning permission can cost more than the fence Erecting a fence up to 6ft high should be permitted without planning consent as this would deter thieves and hide the contents of gardens. 

Why is this idea important?

My idea is important as more and more frequently laws are being passed that stop people doing what they want to a property they have paid for unless they get local government permission.  Homeowners pay hundreds of thousands for their property these days only to find restrictions on everything they want to do to it . I do understand that there have to be some restrictions on planning. However  erecting fences and putting up decking etc ( decking  requires building regulation over a certain height ) the whole process of of altering a property interior and exterior is becoming unreasonable and intolerable . I have had property stolen from my  side garden shorltly after moving into my house as I wasn't aloud to erect a 6 ft fence  without planning consent.  After the cost of paying for the fencing I couldn't afford planning permission so I had to leacve my side garden open to the road. Within weeks I had a copper fire pit  and several other items stolen from my garden.

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  1. We have had to pay out for planning permission costing £ 180, (including plans) to put up a 3 metre run of normal fencing to replace a hedge that died on the boundary of our corner plot’s back garden. It is ridiculous.

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