To lift the ban on incandescent/traditional light bulbs so they are available to buy again in shops. Also to remove the harsh lighting which is now routinely installed in all public buildings including hospitals/librarys/gyms/shops making going out a nightmare for many people affected by fluorescent lights.

Why is this idea important?

Low energy, fluorescent lighting is being forced upon EVERYONE by the EU. Reasons why this is a BAD thing:

+ Health risks – many people are affected by the lights including those with the following conditions – Lupus, Psorasis, Rosacea, Migranes, Photoallergic Eczema, XP, Epilepsy, Austism, ME, Vitiligo. Exposure to these enegy efficient light bulbs bring on headaches, nausea, rashes, migranes, swollen joints and flare ups in their disease

+ They are not 'green' as they encourage people to leave lights on during the day instead of using natural light, are toxic to dispose of (they contain mercury and need to be properly disposed of – most people will chuck them in the bin, contaminating landfill sites), and cost more to manufacture and use more materials.

+ Harsh, cold lighting – makes you look terrible, old, ulgy (used in changing rooms cannot inspire confidence).

+ Cost more than conventional light bulbs

I am totally for saving the environment but people should be told to conserve energy by switching off lights during the day and using less of them. Why not target the energy consuming new flat screen tvs which use loads more electricity than the old analogue sets – coupled with the fact that lots of old tvs are going to end up in landfill.

More research needs to be done on the health effects of these bulbs and more money spent on introducing safer LED lighting.

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