The UK government is looking to reduce the costs of our public services.  Private companies and individuals have had to make significant cost savings.  However the EU continues to increase its spending despite the cost saving measures having to be implemented by the member countries.

The UK government should advise the EU that, in line with it's own cost saving measures, the UK contribution to it will be reduced by 20% in the current year.

Also advise them that unless and until it produces transparent audited accounts then contributions in future years will not be increased.

Why is this idea important?

The country has to make cost savings in order to recover from the financial mess left by the previous government.  The recovery needs to be led by a private sector which has lost its competitive edge through EU legislation and excessive taxation.  Unless EU spending is challenged it will increase year on year with much of the cost being spent on unnecessary legislation and unwanted projects.  Whatever one's view on the desirability or otherwise of being a member of the EU in its present form, its spending needs to be accountable and audited.

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