Thames Water, for example, have no competition. Where I live they are the only supplier of water. They can charge more or less what they like. When I first moved into my flatafter the previous resident died they insisted I pay a huge amount of money to them before they set me up as their customer. At my previous address my water rate was included in my rent so it was a fair system with less leeway given to the company's profit making impulse. I went to my local CAB who told me to pay the sums and so I did. I then had to pay a fairly high sum regularly although I dont have a family and am very rarely in and not a big consumer. I had a meter installed to lower my fortnightly payments and noticed I only used one unit in the first month. Im not dirty but I shower at the pool almost every day and use a launderette to wash my clothes. To my horror the payments they demanded went higher than what I paid when I didnt have a water meter which is inside my flat. In several years they have only come to read the meter once. Then they doubled their charges and I found threatening letters with sums demanded on top of these payments were regular. Fuel companies should not exploit customers like this. Their charges should be restricted to usage. Water meters are obviously a CON  for them to make money out of and not a good idea for consumers.

Why is this idea important?

Because rich companies like Thames Water, who incidentally, now add high standing charges to their bills, which they never have done in the past (Unlike British Gas and EDF, for examples) are making as much money as they like out of customers and surely they have no legal (or do they?) rights to do this. They are unaccountable profiteers who con people into believing they will be better off with a meter when in fact the meter robs consumers of even more money for TW simply charges people what it likes. Their charges keep going up per unit, or whatever it is called and they appear to be open to no scrutiny. No one can hold them to account on their shameless and exorbitant charges and profit making!

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