Remove all laws relating to squatters rights, treating squatting as a criminal rather than civil matter in all circumstances where the squattee does not have legal ownership of the property or land in question, allowing the immediate removal by police of such people.

Why is this idea important?


The laws that govern squatters rights which allow people to occupy buildings and land that they did not work hard to purchase and own date back 100s of years and are outdated and do nothing but cause misery to hard working members of the general public.

If someone gains entry to a property you own regardless of the method of entry they should be treated as a criminal as they are trespassing, the same applies to unsocial-able travellers who invade private and public land, leaving mountains of rubbish, causing conflict with local residents and committing crimes.

Most of these people are not contributing to the economy and are a drain on state resources, for this reason the rights they so often manipulate at the expense of hard working citizens should be revoked.

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