Winter Fuel Allowance was introduced to prevent hard up OAP's dying of hypothermia and stop them worrying about how they would pay their gas and electric in the winter.

The current system means OAP's of any income can claim winter fuel allowance despite their income or savings.

I work with many over 60's who are married to high earning husbands who both claim winter fuel allowance. Even some of my relatives who are not poor pensioners and are capable of paying their fuel bills are claiming and see the payment as some sort of 'Christmas bonus'.

My idea is that only those of pension credit will get winter fuel allowance which means that they will not have to fill in additional forms and winter fuel allowance will be an automatic right if they are eligible for pension credit.

Why is this idea important?

My idea is important as it will save a lot of money and will also save administration costs if pensioners are automatically given winter fuel allowance alongside their pension credit.

It will create a simplified system for pensioners who are in genuine need rather than the current system.

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