In short these are my thoughts:

Revoke the Terrorism act

Bring Police stop&search powers inline with the rest of the EU.

Reinstate max. police detension time to 24hrs

Revoke knife&gun laws outside of built up areas.

Cut back on Health&Safety laws

Police data bases for convicted criminals only

Take down all these Speed cameras, over-the-top road markings and signage.

Keep CCTV to town centre only.

Ban lobbying (the companies do not speak for the people)

Foster a healthy debt (not credit) based economy.

also I would quite like to so a federal presidential republic. I think a written constitution and some concrete rights and responsiblilties would be much welcomed by the British people.

but most importantly of all: I would dearly love to see the local planning authorities powers to refuse construction of GENUINELY affordable housing. We desperatly need more of this.

PS. this is not an exhaustive list but I didn't want to go on and on.

Why is this idea important?

Because in my humble opinion, this is what the people of this country deserve.

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