This would not require a change of law but a change of policy.

Carers Uk has the ear of government and this excludes the voices of real carers. 

This exclusion results in restrictions on the lives of carers and the direct contravention of carers' rights and civil liberties.

Instead of listening to the restrictive agenda of Carers Uk consult directly with real carers – find out what their real problems and needs are and respond to resolve problems and meet needs.

The current situation bars real carers from making their views and needs known – one consultation that reaches ALL carers would resolve the current restrictive practices that exclude real carers and their voices from debate and solutions.

Why is this idea important?

Carers' should be entitled to have their voices heard and listened to – currently that is not the case and carers are silenced and ignored by oppressive policies.

Consulting directly with carers would enable their voices to be expressed without interference from pseudo representative with their own agendas.

Consulting directly with carers would empower carers rather than committees and enable government to learn about the real issues that are curtailing the freedom of carers.

The result would be that carers' lives would be improved and the current restrictive practices would be brought to an end.

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