Allow civilians to be able to listen to civilian Air Traffic Control Communications.

Why is this idea important?

Its important in the interested of free knowledge, free speech and expression.  

Also, In today’s world of the Internet and the sharing of information between individuals and counties. It is wrong to force people underground who wish to pursue a peaceful pass time, such as listen to ATC. by criminalising the indiviual, It makes it into some kind of seedy pass time with the threat of having your equipment confiscated if Ofcom find out about you.

It’s just plain wrong and a silly law in this day and age. Its time this great country of ours cast off some of its paranoia and didn’t get so hung up on things like this.  

 “It is an offence to listen to any other radio services unless you are authorized by a designated person to do so.There are two offences under law:Under Section 5(1)(b) of the WT Act 1949 itis an offence if a person “otherwise than under the authority of a designated person,”


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