Firstly, thank you for taking the time to read my suggestion.

I have emailed both Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg regarding my concerns to this subject, yet am still to receive a response, so I am hoping this method is more succesfull however I hold little faith.

I am a 26 year old male and in my life have made mistakes.

Having been convicted for fraud I am still plagued with the affects of a youthful mistake to this day.

For me there is two key things which fuel offending:

1) Addictions

2) Unemployment

Fortunately I have never been apart of the first, however have been a victim of the later. In 2007 I was high flying and succesful, however as a result of my actions some years previous (2004) I lost it all.

As a respectful citizen, "who should have known better" (Judges Summary), I was sentanced to 10 months in prison for fraud. Not only was this something which destroyed me it also destroyed my family.

Although repentful for my actions I was somewhat disturbed at the outcome.

Having reluctantly settled into prrison life, I read a newspaper where I was astonished to see a person possessing images of children was given a suspended sentance and a person found guilty of a cruel assault to another was given a shorter sentance than me.

Although I accepted that in all crime there is always victim, and in my case a corrporate business, the way in which a criminal courts removed civil liberties is both inbalanced and disproportionate in some.

Never-the-less my concern is not regarding this, my concern is purely regarding the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act and the right for employers to obtain criminal record disclosure.

Having 'lost it all', I left prison and began to re-build my life. Having done so with my family and friends the difficult part was obtaining employment.

I understand that where there is a need to protect children and the vulnerable there maybe a need to obtain criminal record discolusure to ensure that no risk was posed to the most vulnerable. Understanding this I applied and was succesfully offered on four seperate applications for roles both outside the public sector and in reach of vulnerable persons. In all four roles having been offered there was a requirment for me to give consent for a criminal records disclosure!

The roles I obtained was a an administrator at Virgin Media, a data entry clerk for an engineering company, a warehouse picker at Wincanton and a driver for DPD.

Having been offered the roles I refused to accept a contract of employment on the requirment of having to provide a criminal records check and the wish to keep my mistake of the past well and truely in the past.

I did on one occasion obtain employment, however 6months later was presented with an internet clipping of where my sentance in 2004 remained on a local papers website for the world to see.

Having left prison in 2007, I remain unemployed looking for a role at the public expense.

My idea is as follows:

1) Repeal the rehabilitation of offenders act (last ammended 1974) with something more suitable.

2) Repeal the right for employers to request Criminal Record Disclosure to only relevant offences in order to protect the most vulnerable.

3) Provide protection against the descrimnation of ex-offencers obtaining employment.

4) Review sentancing guidlines, where-by those who cause personal harm to another person are given more severe sentances compared to those who make a mistake.

5) Provide animinty for offenders, so they are allowed to forget there past and learn from it, but also make regulation for internet publication of names and offences to be removed in a certain timeframe.

My ideas may be radicle and may even offend those who believe the criminal justice system is fair – like you I was like that once, however my suggestions will reduce crime, will reduce long term unemployment and will increase a persons civil liberties.

Thanks for reading!!!

Why is this idea important?

My idea is important because it consentrates on three areas:

1) Reduction of crime

2) Abololition of rushed through Labour Law (CRB post the Soham killings)

3) Protection of civil liberties

For me this Law is imbalanced and not been ammended since 1974, also the rehabilitation of offenders act stipulates when a conviction is spent – however, from a personal account a conviction is never spent until it is removed from computerised media archives.

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