Live music licensing

The previous government came to power promising to reform the old "two in a bar" live music licensing laws. At the time we all thought they'd make it easier for pubs and clubs to put on live music. What they did was to make all public performance licensable. So, strictly speaking if I invite my neighbour into my home to hear me sing I require a license.  Of course now we see this is exactly what we should have expected from an adminstration hell bent on regulating every sphere of our lives. Scrap these laws. There is provision enough to deal with public nuisance to deal with any problems caused by noise.

Why does this idea matter?

Just lsiten to the popular music this country has created. A lot of it comes for a rich history of singing in pubs, clubs and other small public spaces. Now it's a licensable act for which the fines could cripple a small establishment. This is government at it's most petty and intrusive.

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