Local Councils are forbiding families of having more than 2 pots of flowers per grave at a time for "Health and Safety" reasons. When the law was enforced grave stones were thrown down by workers and entire graves destroyed for being considered "A Health and Safety Hazzard". The local populations protested and the council ignored the people's wishes. Numerous families find themselves having to withhold from placing tributes at their loved ones graves because only two pots are allowed. Ornaments that are allowed in the grave stones are damaged with the grass strimming. This has upset alot of people and the people feels like they can't go to their relatives graves, because they are not welcome there… They are told how they can honor their dead and when a violation to the Rules is detected it is immediately removed by the graveyard staff. People that want to maintain their relatives graves find themselves dishearted to clean every week and decorating what they are allowed only to find it all covered in cut grass the next day that is NOT cleaned from the graves. People are abandoning the graves as they cant do nothing to honor their relatives.

Why is this idea important?

There should'nt be a Stricktly grass order, people should be allowed to honor their dead as they see fit, there should be respect for the graves and not just treated as a posession of the state, there is some one's loved one in there and many want to care for them, good idea for abandoned graves but let the ones that want to care for their loved ones do so in their own way.

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