the local authorities have far too much power like using the terrorist powers to deal with minor infringments they can fine you up to £1000 pounds for having your dog of a lead or pooing which if you dont pick up you are treated like a criminal its biodegradable for gods sake you stick it in a bag and it lasts for a thousand years you shop lift or assault people and you get a slap on the wrist dog owners pay there taxes local and central government but are treated like second class citizens you are not allowed in this place or that beach i have went to the local beach i have yet to see a dog drink a can of lager and chuck it away or a babies nappy thrown away the animal welfare act says that dogs have the right to act naturally so give us a break i dont use the leisure facillities or the libraries etc but i pay for them i just want some space for me and my dogs without the continual harrasement i always pick upafter my dogs but some person made allegations that i didnt i had to get statemnts provide witnesses to prove my innocence but once i did i asked my local dog warden to provide the name of the person who had reported me that was not allowed so they can make false accusations and then hide or are hidden by my local authority is that justice  take these powers away from local government they are abusing them

Why is this idea important?

because it is that the person who makes false claims that is protected and this law the regulaterly powers were never meant to be used in this way abused in this way

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