Lets face it, in urban areas the foxes are getting out of control and nobody is willing to do anything about it.

Wrecking gardens, digging under properties, fouling our schools, attacking our pets, livestock and even reports of urban foxes attacking children & adults.

Boris Johnson said the local councils should start taking pest control more seriously following the attack of the Hackney twins in June 2010.

Has there been any changes or improvements? NO

Why is this idea important?

Foxes are known to transmit diseases to both pets and humans such as parasites (Internal & External), damage property, create a health & safety risk by fouling and urinating.

Local councils always shy away from this issue due to varying ‘public opinion’.

Maybe they just don’t want to allocate the money for such a serious issue.

The idea of rounding up urban foxes and ‘dumping’ them elsewhere is ridiculous.

Professional control is important in order that the public do not start to take the matter into their own hands and try to poison or adopt other unthinkable measures to rid these pests from their property.

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